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About Marije


The love of my life, next to my children and husband, is olive oil. By taking over the family olive grove, the olive oil adventure has begun...


Why does the oil taste different from the year before? With this question I started to dive deep into the world of olive oil. After a official olive oil sommelier course I fell in love. Making perfect olive oil is an art. Recognizing them requires knowledge and experience. My mission is to inform everyone so that there is more appreciation for what honest producers and farmers do.


Through education I strive to:


  • Recognition of fraud and unfair competition in the market;

  • Help to select healthier and fairer products;

  • Providing a platform for consumers interested in olive oil;

  • Making restaurants more successful by helping to select good oil;

  • Sharing knowledge and working together to increase quality.


I am constantly looking for new stories behind the oil and I travel a lot. My expertise and preference lies with the Portuguese and Spanish olive oil varieties.


Area of expertise :
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Farm Tours Portugal




Food pairing

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Commerce & Packaging

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