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About Marianna Devetzoglou


My adventures in the olive oil world started when I met my now husband, George. I’m a city girl, born and raised in Athens, Greece with zero background in olive oil. As a result, my family would consume whatever olive oil was available in the supermarket. Meeting George, seeing his hometown, I was introduced to the olive trees – the harvest, the milling, the aromas! I tasted something completely different; something so unique that it changed my life!


So, I left my physics career behind, became a certified olive oil sommelier and founded OLEOSOPHIA as a vehicle to share with the world my newfound love for olive oil and how it can change the way we see our health, our gastronomy and our quality of life!


Having been in the shoes of the average consumer (and I was actually one of the worst!), I love sharing my knowledge on the art and science that olive oil is and on the tasting of olive oil with consumers and professionals, creating olive oil ambassadors!


Through my tours, tastings and activities, I aim to:

  • Raise awareness about extra virgin olive oil, its uniqueness and its nutritional value

  • Battle consumer misinformation through false labelling and lack of knowledge

  • Inspire people to turn towards a healthier lifestyle, inspired by the Mediterranean diet with high quality extra virgin olive oil at its core

  • Be a reference point for olive oil tourism, as an authentic and lifechanging experience that forever binds you with the land, the product, the people.


I am always on the lookout for new partnerships, new ways EVOO enhances our overall wellness, new producers to admire their olive oil varieties and new tools to make EVOO your best friend!


Area of expertise :
OLEOSOPHIA table setting view.jpg

Oleotourism setup

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Olive oil tours & tastings

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Food pairing

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