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Olive varieties

There is a world to discover

Like wine, we know many different olive varieties. Over 1500 in the world. And there are databases to recognize these. Of course, an olive variety has some generic characteristics, but everything matters for the taste; terroir, harvest time, production, age of tree, and so on. It is great to go on holiday in a country in search of the special varieties and flavors. 

If you want to purchase something specifically for culinary applications, there are many useful apps and tools available. 

Generic culinary rules for pairing olive oil:

Aroma only findable

with nose in glass: 

A delicate olive oil

For the nerds among us, we inserted a database.

More information about this can be found in the  OLEA database en at the International Olive Oil Council

We thank the Olive Oil Source for the information.

Intensiteit van olie.jpg

Aroma horizontal


An all-round olive oil

Aroma 10 cm above glass


An intense olive oil

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